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Eden - Tea Organic Sencha Green Loose 2.25 OZ-UNAVAILABLE
PRICE: $4.54
Previously known as Eden Bancha, Eden Sencha is the same tea. Only the name has changed to best reflect its actual harvest time. Organic, first tender spring tea leaves from centuries old tea plantations of Uji, the most famous tea growing area of Japan, and provenance of Japanese tea. Freshly picked tea leaves are immediately steamed and rubbed to release their flavor and aroma before slowly drying. This traditional process preserves Sencha's emerald green color and many healthy antioxidants, collectively referred to as catechins. Sencha is the most popular tea in Japan, and always served in fine restaurants. Relaxing yet uplifting with 41 percent less caffeine than brewed coffee. Celebratory, loose green tea leaves make a satisfying pot of tea. The reclosable, light shielding package protects the teas flavor, nutrients, and color.
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