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Now Vitamins - D (Vitamin) 1,000 Iu 120 Vcaps
PRICE: $4.92
The sunshine vitamin, Vitamin D, is normally obtained from foods that include seafood and milk, with less in other dairy products. It is also produced naturally by the body when the skin is exposed to the sunís ultraviolet rays. And while these sources would seem more than adequate, it is important to remember that a growing percentage of the population does not regularly consume these foods, drink low-fat and skim milk, and intentionally avoid the sunís exposure at all cost. This makes Vitamin D supplementation significantly beneficial for a wide range of people.

NOWģ Vegetarian, Dry Vitamin D serves as a simple solution to ensure that these needs are being met. This high potency formula contains 1,000 IU of Vitamin D-2, a highly bioavailable form that is perfectly suitable for all vegetarian lifestyles. Numerous studies have shown that Vitamin D is an important factor in the support of strong bones and dental health.*

UPC: 733739003683

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