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Now Vitamins - Immune Renew 90/Vcaps
PRICE: $9.89
A strong, responsive immune system is the foundation of good health. NOW® Immune Renew™ is a potent immune system supporting formulation containing standardized Astragalus Extract and a Proprietary Mushroom Blend high in immune-boosting Beta-glucans.

With Astragalus as its main ingredient, NOW® Immune Renew™ can help support a number of aspects essential in healthy immune system response. Among these, non-clinical studies have shown that Astragalus may be able to enhance the activity of both T-Cells as well as natural killer cells. T-cells support white blood cell production while natural killer cells seek and destroy unwanted cells in the body virtually on contact.*

To promote even greater levels of immune system support, NOW scientists and researchers have incorporated a proprietary blend of eight organic mushrooms high in 1,3 Beta-glucans. Beta-glucans work by supporting the activity of white blood cell microphages that scour the body for bacteria, toxins and other foreign invaders. Though vital to our health, Beta-glucans are not common in today’s diet, and should therefore be supplemented.*

Scientific studies have demonstrated that the 1,3 form of Beta-glucans found in mushrooms possesses remarkable abilities to modulate both innate and adaptive immunity. This makes NOW® Immune Renew™ an ideal way to help promote healthy immune function in times of cellular distress as well as throughout the entire year.*

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