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Now Vitamins - PQQ Energy 30 Veg Caps
PRICE: $14.77
·         Contains 20 mg PQQ per Veg Cap (Clinical Strength)

·         PQQ Energy Supports Cognitive Health

·         Supports Mitochondrial Function

·         PQQ is a Vitamin B like enzyme cofactor

·         Helps Protect Mitochondria from Oxidative Stress

·         Promotes Generation of New Mitochondria/ “Mitochondrial Biogenesis.”

·         Mitochondria Support High Energy Demands of the Heart and Brain

·         PQQ May Play a Role in Human Longevity due to its Mitochondrial Generation

·         Supports Cellular Energy Production

·         Promotes Normal Cognitive Function/ Supports Heart Health

·         Formulated with Vitamin B12 (1000 mcg), CoQ10 (30 mg) and Acetyl L- Carnitine (200 mg)  - which  

·         Play Critical Roles in Mitochondrial Function and Energy Production

·         Patented BioPQQ® is used in PQQ Energy

·         PQQ is a Free Radical Scavenger

UPC: 733739031686

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