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Now Vitamins - Glucomannan 575Mg 180/Caps
PRICE: $8.86
NOW® Glucomannan is an effective new water-soluble fiber that’s derived from the roots of Amorphophallus konjac. In just the past few years, several promising studies have revealed a number of beneficial effects associated with supplementing Glucomannan as part of a healthy diet.

Digestive Regularity
Glucomannan is a bulk laxative fiber that’s capable of absorbing impressive amounts of water. Once water has been absorbed, Glucomannan bulks up and moves gently throughout the intestines to help encourage a more bulky stool. This allows it to pass easily without some of the discomforts associated with other bulk laxatives.*

Blood Sugar Support
One of Glucomannan’s most unique qualities is that it empties into the stomach much slower than many traditional fibers. In doing so, it can have a positive impact on blood sugar spikes, especially those that occur after meals and prior to digestion.*

Establishing Healthy Eating Patterns
The slow moving, bulking actions of Glucomannan can inspire feelings of fullness in between meals. For individuals who are constantly snacking on unhealthy foods, have poor dietary habits or are simply concerned with their body weight, supplementing Glucomannan may help establish more normal eating patterns.*

Healthy Blood Lipid Levels
Adding a quality water-soluble fiber such as Glucomannan to the diet can help facilitate the normal removal of bile acids. As this occurs, the body responds by converting cholesterol to replace these digestive agents. Over time, this may help a person support normal, healthy cholesterol levels.*

Getting an adequate supply of fiber every day is one of the most important aspects of healthy digestion and all around wellness. NOW® Glucomannan is a safe, gentle and cost-effective product that can help you on your road to good health and digestive regularity.

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