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Now Vitamins - Erythritol Sweetner 1/Lb
PRICE: $5.25
Many of you have been made well aware of the many dangers imposed by the over-consumption of conventional sugars and artificial sweeteners. So have we. And thatís why weíre so excited to introduce new Erythritol. Since the early 1990ís, the popularity of this low-calorie, white crystalline sugar alcohol has steadily increased, and is now becoming the norm among many consumers and businesses alike. With a sweetness that is approximately 70% that of sucrose, a non-hygroscopic texture to prevent clumping and easy digestibility, itís easy to see why so many are turning to this completely safe polyol.*

Low Calorie One of Erythritolís most unique characteristics is its incredibly low caloric content. While polyols are generally known for being low calorie by nature, Erythritol exemplifies this characteristic, and contains just 0.2 calories per gram.

Safe for Teeth Erythritol is non-cariogenic, and does not metabolize the oral bacteria that break down sugars and starches needed to produce the acids that lead to cavities and decay. In fact, the FDA recently released a qualified health claim stating that polyols including Erythritol ďdo not promote tooth decayĒ.*

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