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Now Vitamins - Vitamin D-3 Cream 1000 IU/g - 4fl. oz.
PRICE: $5.90
When you need comprehensive daily moisture renewal to help maintain an ideal water oil-balance and healthy epidermal cells, look no further than Vitamin D-3 Cream from NOW. This science-based formula provides an incredibly potent 110,000 IU of Vitamin D per bottle. You get 1,000 IU per gram of cream (the equivalent of a ¼ teaspoon) along with 500 IU of Vitamin A, 50 IU of Vitamin E, and 10 IU of Vitamin C. This carefully balanced ratio of nutrients provides natural nutritional support for healthy skin you won’t find with other available creams, and you get all this with just one application, which can help keep your skin at its healthy radiant best every day.

UPC: 733739081988

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