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Now Vitamins - Tru-E Bio Complex 60/Gel - (Temporarily Unavailable )
PRICE: $13.43
NOW® Tru-E Bio Complex™ is a unique biologically balanced, patent-pending formula designed to provide optimal Vitamin E activity. This product features 100% natural, Non-Genetically Modified sources of all 8 isomers (forms) of the Vitamin E "family" in rations similar to what is found in a healthy diet. It provides the superior benefits of foodsource Vitamin E versus those obtained from traditional E supplements. NOW® Tru-E Bio Complex™ has been carefully blended to supply high levels of natural gamma and delta "desmethyl" forms of both tocopherols and tocotrienols. This biological balance is important because recent research indicates that these isomers work best as a team to quench the lipid and nitrogen free radicals known to cause injury to cells and tissues. This product supports a healthy cardiovascular system, youthful skin and nervous system function with potent antioxidants. This science-based natural Vitamin E spplement is unlike any other and the first to combine all of these benefits in one convenient non-GMO formula.

UPC: 733739009500

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