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Ast - Muscle Xgf Choc 2.64 Lb
PRICE: $34.42
• 8 Stage Protein Delivery
• Thermo-Lipid Complex
• Integrated ATP Support System
• Low in Carbohydrates
• Packed with BCAAs and L-Leucine

MUSCLE-XGF is a potent mass gaining formula designed for solid lean muscle growth without fat gain.

Typical weight gainers get their calories mostly from cheap carbohydrates. Excessive carbohydrates only provide "empty" calories. The weight you gain from these sub par products is mostly fat. Gaining lean muscle mass is more than just slamming "empty" calories. That’s why MUSCLE-XGF delivers you a precision formulation designed to support solid, lean mass weight gain without adding fat.

UPC: 705077002727

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