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Ast - Myo-D 120 Softgels
PRICE: $25.32
Stimulate Protein Synthesis
Reduce Inflamation
Reduce Protein Breakdown
Reduce Body Fat
Increase Lean Muscle Mass

The quality and quantity of muscle that each of us possess is essentially controlled by protein turnover; a remodeling process that involves the continuous synthesis (anabolism) and breakdown (catabolism) of muscle protein. A gain in muscle mass can only occur via a reduction in the rate at which protein is broken down or an increase in the rate of protein synthesis. However, intense exercise causes a dramatic increase in protein turnover; both synthesis and breakdown accelerate at equal rates. The result is a negative protein balance and zero muscle gains from training.

Myo-Ds unique formulation is shown in research to reduce muscle breakdown and stimulate an increase in protein synthesis. Myo-D promotes muscle gains during intense training by enhancing not one, but the two key processes that are essential to gaining muscle mass.

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