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Axis Labs Smash Fully Loaded Fruit Punch 1.32 Lb
PRICE: $42.87

SMASH¬ Fully Loaded is the most complete pre-workout formula ever designed to help you experience the most intense workouts of your life through increased PUMP, STRENGTH, ENDURANCE, ENERGY and HYDRATION. SMASH¬ Fully Loaded is a comprehensive blend of only the most effective ingredients designed for bigger, longer more intense workouts by covering all the essentials. SMASH¬ your way through the gym, onto the playing field or any intense activity for explosive workouts that result in explosive gains.

SMASH¬ Fully Loaded Highlights:
´ Take only Pre-Workout, Not Daily
´ Skin Bursting Cell Volumizing Pump
´ Ramps Up Intramuscular Strength
´ Expands Blood Plasma Volume
´ Enhances Vascularity for Roadmap like Veins
´ Stimulates Carnosine Production to Reduce Fatigue
´ Increases Mental Alertness and Focus to Get you Zoned
´ Amplifies Energy Levels and Feelings of Well-being
´ Decreases Lactic Acid and Ammonia Burn
´ Increases Endurance, Perfect for Any Athlete
´ Precision Formulated for an Outstanding Taste
´ Flavored with Sucralose, not Aspartame
´ Low in Carbohydrates

Highly Active Pre-workout Intensifier
Are you tired of being instructed to choke down your pre-workout drink everyday of the month? SMASH¬ Fully Loaded is designed to be so powerful that you only need to take it before you train. This is a huge advantage to you in terms of ease-of-use and the longevity per container. Find out for yourself why the worldÍs most complete pre-workout formula out performs the competition in 1/3rd less the servings.

UPC: 689076956901

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