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Beverly International - Muscularity BCAA 180/Tabs
PRICE: $27.95
During precontest dieting it is essential to keep your protein intake high. In fact, as your body fat becomes lower and lower, it seems almost impossible to continue to hold on to your hard earned muscle tissue. The paradox is that as the contest approaches, you instinctively train harder, increase your cardio and tighten your diet even further. Your goal is to somehow maintain, or even increase your lean muscle tissue while continuing to burn fat. Unfortunately you're putting your body at the brink of catabolism. Research provides us with incontestable evidence that a practical solution is at hand.

Product Summary: Muscularity (180 Capsules) Supplement Facts
Serving Size: Six Capsules
Servings Per Container: 30

Six capsules provide:

L-Leucine 2500 mg
L-Leucine 2500 mg
L-Isoleucine 835 mg
L-Valine 835 mg
Chromium (Picolinate) 200 mcg
Zinc (Picolinate) 10 mg
Vitamin B-6 10 mg
Vitamin B-12 15 mcg
Biotin 100 mcg

What the research tells us

Research has found that BCAA's will positively influence protein synthesis. This suggests that supplementation with Beverly International's two premier Branched Chain Amino Acids, Muscle Mass and Muscularity will help bodybuilders in a catabolic (breaking down) state or a muscle wasting state.

- In the Proceedings of the Nutrition Society, 42:473-487, 1983, an experiment was described in which humans were given therapeutic amounts of these amino acids each day. Fifty percent of the administered load of BCAA's was utilized by skeletal muscle and the other appeared to be utilized by tissues that were undergoing protein wasting. This indicates that your muscles would benefit from the administration of the BCAA's during contest dieting.

  • In the study, Nitrogen Sparing Induced Early in Starvation by BCAA, D.G. Sapir, Metabolism, 1977, 26:301308, they treated obese people on a starvation diet with supplementation via the BCAA's. This induced anabolism and nitrogen sparing, so the subjects burned body fat and not muscle. The study seemed to conclude that most diets should include BCAA administration to insure that the weight loss would be fat and not lean muscle tissue.

  • Goldberg in The Regulation and Significance of Amino Acid Metabolism in Skeletal Muscle, Fed. Proc., 37:23012307, 1978, stated, "The metabolism of BCAA in muscle appears of particular physiological and clinical interest because these amino acids have the special ability to promote positive (anabolic) balance in this tissue."

  • Another recent study at the University of Connecticut in Storrs, Connecticut, may give us clues to the dosage of amino acids necessary to produce a performance-enhancing effect. They found that an amino acid dosage of 0.2 grams per kilogram of bodyweight per day, or a total of roughly 18 grams per day for a 198-pounder produced optimum results. This is very consistent with the established dosage of many bodybuilding champions who take 20 - 25 branched chains daily when preparing for competition.

How's this work in the real world?

As impressive as the above research is, it's only a smattering of the evidence that exists regarding the ability of BCAA's to preserve muscle tissue during dieting situations. Some of the mistakes that you may have made in the past if you tried branched chains and experienced little benefit:

  1. Using BCAA's while in a positive caloric balance is not going to enhance gains noticeably.
  2. Using a bogus product is not going to produce results under any condition. Branched chain amino acids are expensive. Stick with Beverly International's Muscle Mass or Muscularity and you'll definitely get the real thing.
  3. Using too small a dose will not give you the results you're looking for. Be sure that you use a dose commensurate with the University of Connecticut study - approximately 9 grams per 100 pounds of bodyweight. Most real free form amino acid tablets contain 700 - 900 mg per tablet. So a realistic dose is about 1 tablet per 10 pounds bodyweight.

At the Beverly International Nutrition Center we recommend the following protocol for using BCAA's to inhibit catabolism:

  1. We do not normally recommend the addition of Muscularity or Muscle Mass until we've adjusted the athlete's daily calorie intake to a level below maintenance. (A rule of thumb is to include BCAA's once daily calories fall below 12 -15 k/cal per pound of bodyweight.)
  2. We recommend 2 - 3 ( based on bodyweight) Muscularity tablets for each meal except pre and post workout.
  3. Since there is a strong indication that BCAA's taken one hour prior to training can increase serum testosterone after training (see Carli, Changes in the exercise induced hormone response to branched chain amino acids administration. Eur J Appl Physiol 1992; 64:272-277 and Kraemer, Endocrine response to resistance exercise. Med Sci Sports Exer 1988; 20,Suppl: S152-S157.) we recommend a double dose, 4-6 tablets with your pre exercise meal. Muscularity contains the co-factor Zinc Picolinate which according to a pile of evidence, may also influence testosterone production. (Colgan, Optimum Sports Nutrition and Salem, Ann Nutr Metab 1984; 28: 44.) The addition of Vitamin C with this meal may lessen your cortisol response to exercise and also serve as a stimulus to testosterone production. (see Dawson, Effects of ascorbic acid on male fertility. Third Conference On Vitamin C, 1986; 312-323.)
  4. Your post workout meal should also include 4 - 6 Muscularity or many of our athletes take 5 Muscle Mass tablets within 30 minutes of completing an intense training session to inhibit catabolism and reestablish a favorable nitrogen balance

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