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Barleans - Joint Remedy 30 Soft Gels-OUT OF STOCK
PRICE: $21.41
Barlean’s Heart Remedy is the result of years of scientific research to develop a purified, pharmaceutical grade Palmitoleic Acid Omega-7 designed to raise HDL (“good”) and lower LDL (“bad”) cholesterol levels. Increasing HDL levels cleanses the arteries of LDL and the resulting plaque build-up by breaking it down so the body can flush it out. Omega-7 boosts HDL cholesterol levels to help flush out the “bad cholesterol” and keep cells free of disease-causing plaque.* Omega-7 also impacts C-Reactive protein (CRP) Index, the measurement of inflammation in the body. A high CRP level is a strong risk factor for heart disease because it can indicate inflammation in the arteries due to plaque build up.

UPC: 705875060035

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