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Body Pure - Mobility Pads 10 Natural Foot Pads
PRICE: $19.95
The Mobility Padstm are herbal pads placed on the arch of your foot to help enhance mobility and circulation in the feet and legs. They are easy to apply with a simple adhesive sheet, and can be conveniently worn overnight.

Originally, the Mobility Padstm were developed from feedback based on our BodyPuretm detox foot pads. The original formulation was designed to stimulate circulation as a means of detoxification. As our customers (including many diabetics) reported excellent results when using the pads to improve the circulation in their feet and legs, we went back to the drawing board to create a new foot pad. The detox specific ingredients were minimized while maximizing the ingredient content for circulation. We then researched and added the herbs best suited to enhance the effect of the Mobility Padstm.

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