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Castor & Pollox Cat Og2 Turkey & Chicken Can 5.5 OZ
PRICE: $1.67
Our Turkey, Brown Rice & Chicken formula combines outstanding taste and certified organic ingredients, bringing a lifetime of complete and balanced nutrition to your cat. Even the most aloof members of your feline family wonÕt be able to hide their excitement!

Why serve canned food to your cat?

  • Variety is the spice of life! Canned foods are a simple way to add new flavors and allure to a complete and balanced kibble diet.
  • Great for cats recovering from illness or injury, and needing to gain back lost weight.  More calorically dense than kibble and easy to digest, canned food lets your cat easily add needed calories and nutrition without adding a lot of volume.
  • Encourage finicky eaters or senior cats to eat a complete and balanced meal. Just add a spoonful of wet food to your cat's normal kibble meal.  Mix well and then warm to enhance the aroma and flavor. The moisture from the wet food also brings out the flavors and aromas inherent in the kibble.
  • A tasty way to hydrate.  Many cats donÕt drink enough water to maintain a healthy urinary tract.  "Wet" foods aren't a total solution, but they can play a valuable role in encouraging needed liquids into your catÕs system.
  • But remember: Wield a light spoon. Canned foods are more calorically dense so watch your cat carefully for any unwanted weight gain and adjust the feeding amount as necessary. Also, most cats are quite sensitive to changes to their regular diet, even when the changes are positive, like stepping up to a new kibble formula, or adding canned food to encourage eating. To eliminate unwanted surprises, (such as loose stools),  "slow and gradual" is a good rule to follow when altering an established diet.
  • UPC: 780872079013

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