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Champion Nutrition Pro-Score 100 Vanilla 2Lb.-TEMP UNAVAILABLE
PRICE: $35.07

Why Pro-Score 100™

Pro-Score 100™ provides a concentrated source of nitrogen-rich protein that is easy-to-digest, glutamine-rich, low-fat, and lactose-free. Protein is essential to our metabolism, growth, muscle repair, enzymatic reactions, fat burning, and other functions vital to our well-being. In addition, Pro-Score 100™ has the highest and most complete essential amino acid score meeting the strict protein standards issued by the FAO / WHO. No other protein delivers a higher, more complete amino acid profile than Pro-Score 100™.

More Protein-Dense than a Steak

A single serving of Pro-Score 100™ delivers 30g of protein. That’s more protein than one chicken breast or four whole large eggs and gram-for-gram more protein-dense than a sirloin steak.

Fast-Slow Protein Blend

Pro-Score 100™ contains a blend of five unique dairy proteins for a mix of fast and slow protein-nitrogen release into the body. This enables the body to quickly digest and assimilate the nitrogen and amino acids crucial to muscle recovery as well as benefit from a continuous and sustained stream of amino acids for long-term muscle growth and recovery, fat metabolism, and immune system function.


Glutamine is essential to your muscles. It is also essential to your digestive tract, the way by which all nutrients must pass before they enter your body. Pro-Score 100™ is glutamine-enhanced to help your body maintain existing muscle while at the same time helping to improve nutrient transport.

Easy to Digest

Since dairy proteins may be harder to digest for some individuals, Pro-Score 100™ is not only lactose-free, but it also contains hydrolyzed whey proteins. Hydrolysis is the process of breaking large peptides (protein chains) into smaller peptides. Thus, hydrolyzed whey consists of small peptide chains derived from whey protein. Because hydrolyzed proteins are partially broken down, they move through the digestive system more quickly than large peptides.

The benefit of using hydrolyzed whey is that it tends to be digested faster, and thus can get to your muscles faster. This is a great thing to consider when supplementing with whey before, during, or after your workouts.

Ideal Amino Acid Profile

Pro-Score 100™ contains the highest level of essential amino acids meeting the strict criteria established by the FAO/WHO for the golden standard of protein—the whole egg. This key feature allows you to utilize the protein more effectively for growth and recovery.

Pro-Score 100™ uses the most sophisticated enzymatic and low-temperature processing methods available today to preserve the integrity and bioavailability of the proteins and to help prevent nutrient loss. These advanced processing methods, in combination with premium-quality ingredients, make Pro-Score 100™ the perfect protein.

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