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Champion Nutrition Glypro-XTS 120G
PRICE: $32.47

Champion Nutrition¨ brings you the most scientifically-advanced pre-workout supplement ever developed; great tasting GlyProXTSª Complete Stack. Fueled by clinically tested Glycocarn¨ GPLC (Glycine-Propiony-L-Carnitine HCL).

In a university study, GPLC was shown to increase N.O. production over standard Arginine vasodilators alone. The first time you train using GlyproXTSª Complete Stack you will experience the best workout in your life pushing more weight in more reps than you ever thought possible.

You will walk away from the gym with the most muscle filling "Pump" you can remember.

You will experience an elevated physical and mental energy that lets you know you had the best workout in your life with the desire to get back in the gym as soon as possible. The science behind the most complete stack formulation that this product delivers is unsurpassed in the industry.

Once you train with GlyProXTSª Complete Stack, your pre-workout regime will be changed forever!

Key Ingredients:


USP grade dietary ingredient which consists of a molecular bonded form of propionyl-L-carnitine and glycine. Two recent studies have demonstrated an increase in blood levels of N.O. with GPLC intake.


Crucial for muscle growth, increases Nitric Oxide production, and improves endurance and recovery time.


Can improve stamina at peak strength by nearly 10%. Feel the phenomenal staying power, strength, and faster recovery for yourself!


Provides energy and increased alertness.

Dicreatine Malate

Provides an increase in creatine bio availability much greater than creatine monohydrate.


The "building blocks" of the body. They make up 35% of muscle mass and must be present for muscle growth. Helps speed up muscle recovery.

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