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Sun Chlorella - Chlorella Granules 3g Individual Packets 20 pkts
PRICE: $21.42
The Most Complete Superfood TM

Sun Chlorella Granules is simply that; our high-quality chlorella in granulated form. Each sleeve contains one serving of chlorella, allowing for a fast and easy way to carry around and to mix in your favorite food or drink. To maintain the full strength of chlorella's nutrients, we recommend not mixing the product in high-temperature foods or drinks. Much like vegetables such as spinach, when cooked, it may lose some of its nutritional value.

Sun Chlorella Granules are also the perfect addition to any smoothie or sprinkled onto any vegan or raw food diet. Not only is Sun Chlorella vegan friendly, Sun Chlorella Granules can be sprinkled onto any delicious cooked meal. As The Most Complete Superfood, Sun Chlorella Granules is not only vegan, but a whole food as well. Whole food is defined as the consumption of an organism in its entirety from its root to the fruit, such as a bean sprout. As a raw, whole food, Sun Chlorella Granules provide necessary nutrition such as protein and beta carotene.

If you'd like to try adding Sun Chlorella Granules to your cooking or smoothies, try some of our fabulous recipes in Sun Cuisine Cookbook.

Quick Tip: If you are having trouble getting your kids to eat vegetables, Sun Chlorella Granules are a great option to add into any recipe or to simply sprinkle on top of already prepared meals. No more struggling to feed your child vegetables, this easy method of adding nutrition to every bite is a sure way that your children are getting the nutrition they need in a fun and healthy way.

The ease of use of Sun Chlorella Granules is a sure way to ensure that all family members are getting the most complete nutrition every day.

Sun Chlorella Granule packets are perfect for those on the go who want to add something healthy to their diet. With more protein than steak or soy, Sun Chlorella Granules are perfect for fitness gurus to add into their protein shake.

Convenient and easy, Sun Chlorella Granules are a great addition to any diet, adding more nutrition to your meal in one simple packet, which is considered one serving of Sun Chlorella Granules.  Sun Chlorella Granules contain all of the benefits of Sun Chlorella A tablets in granulated form. Brimming with Chlorella Growth Factor, chlorella is the most abundant in chlorophyll of any single food source. Take your chlorella in a fun and easy way with Sun Chlorella Granules.

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