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Real Food - Her Daily Nutrition 60 Tabs
PRICE: $17.95
Her Daily Nutrition, which is a high-energy multi for women, was uniquely formulated using the Cryo-Active State™ process. This process, unique to Country Life, uses organic fruits and vegetables, combined with a nutrient-rich complex to deliver your daily nutrition. To preserve 100% of the bioactive vitamin, mineral, enzyme, and phytonutrient content, the Cryo-Active State™ process combines a proprietary fermentation method followed by a unique cryogenic preservation. This multi supplies basic daily nutrition the way nature intended it to be: "ALIVE." The proprietary fermentation and cryo-preserving process enhances absorption and elevates bioactivity using live probiotic cultures.

The organic fruits and vegetables were blended using a clinical method called VeriCell™ testing. Her Daily Nutrition has been clinically formulated using VeriCell™ technology to:

* Support cardiovascular health
* Increase activity of your body's internal antioxidant system (anti-aging)
* Support urinary tract health
* Support bone strength
* Support proper immune health**

Each serving of Her Daily Nutrition not only delivers a woman's basic daily nutrition but also provides the equivalent of two servings of fruits and vegetables.

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