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Coromega Omega-3 Chocolate And Orange 90 Packets + 30 Packets Free!!
PRICE: $29.24
New Flavor! Coromega Provides Superior Bioavailability. In a clinical study, the Omega-3 in Coromega was shown to enter the bloodstream faster -- at three times the levels of a fish oil product in softgel form. Each packet of Coromega delivers the daily intake levels of Omega-3 EPA and DHA recommended by experts for adults and children. As Pure as it is Delicious. Coromega contains premium quality fish oil from deep, cold-water fish; molecular distillation assures product purity. To guarantee freshness and potency, their special packaging system protects the delicate Omega-3 EPA and DHA from oxygen and light -- a concern with Omega-3 products in bottles.

UPC: 689269452067

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