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Cytosport Monster Mass Cookies & Cream 5.95Lb
PRICE: $40.00
MONSTER MASS is the most powerful, yet easily digestible, mass building protein in history.Although it tastes like an ultra-rich milk shake, MONSTERMASS’s 600+ calorie advanced proteinand carbohydrate system makes it the ultimate nutritional tool. When combined with high intensityweight training it helps you build monster size muscle.

MONSTERMASS delivers the biggest blast ofmulti-source sustained release in history. Rapid-releasing anabolic whey, glutamine peptidesand free form BCAA’s are complemented by slower, anti-catabolic caseins and other completemilk protein isolates. This powerful combination of fast and slow proteins create the optimumanabolic window that lasts for hours.

Our strategic use of Aminogen® (Patented Bio-Active Polypeptide Enzyme System), Bromelain,papain and lactase ensures extreme ease of digestion. Thee enzymes ensure the proteins inMONSTERMASS are delivered as free-form amino acids and small peptide chains to ensure maximum uptake and absorption. Plus, MONSTERMASS is 98% lactose free making it even easier to digest.While MONSTERMASS may be the most powerful mass building protein in the world, it’s still easy on your stomach.

MONSTERMASS helps create positive nitrogenbalance, the gold standard of anabolic potential. MONSTERMASS provides high levels of essential amino acids to bathe muscle fibers in an anabolic soup to stimulate protein synthesis and muscle growth (hypertrophy).

  • 50 GRAMS MULTI-SOURCE PROTEIN MATRIX Completeness and balance to the extreme! Featuring Whey Concentrates, Whey Isolates,Isolated Milk Protein, Casinates, Lactoferrin, L-Glutamine, Glutamine Peptides and free formBCAA’s L-Valine, L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine.
  • 50 GRAMS OF DIGESTIBLE PROTEIN250 mg of Aminogen® (a patented bio enzyme proteolytic digestive system), Bromelain, and papain ensure the breakdown of proteins into absorbable peptides.
  • MONSTER COMPLEX CARBOHYDRATES Waxy Maize Starch and Maltodextrin providemassive amounts of glucose energy to fuel muscle growth and recovery. These complex carbs trigger the insulin response necessary to really drive protein utilization and amino acid uptake.
  • LEANLIPIDS PLUS Calorically dense Sunflower and/or Safflower oil, Medium Chain Triglycerides,Canola Oil and Conjugated Linolenic Acid (CLA) are excellent sources of energy formuscle growth.
  • UPC: 660726795408

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