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Detour Low Sugar Chocolate Chip Caramel 12 Bars TEMPORARELY UNAVAILABLE
PRICE: $23.79
Lower Sugar
  • 58% Less Sugar than Regular Detour Bars
  • Naturally Flavored
  • Rich in Branch Chain Amino Acids
  • No Trans Fat!
  • Detour protein bars provide serious nutrition for athletes


    Are you ready for 30 grams of high quality protein? If you push yourself to finish that extra lap, circuit, or set, then the answer is probably yes. Detour's nutrient rich whey protein blend helps to repair and rebuild strong lean muscle. And powerful nutrition never tasted more delicious.


    It's all about the flavor! Each Detour bar is loaded with premium ingredients and mouth-watering candy bar taste.


    Lower Sugar Detour Chocolate Chip Caramel 5 grams of sugar, Regular Detour Chocolate Caramel 12 grams of sugar.


    Detour: the best tasting protein bar, period.

    UPC: 733913008787

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