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Enzymatic Therapy Alluna Sleep 28 tabs
PRICE: $5.92
Features Alluna Sleep is a natural herbal supplement that can relieve occasional sleeplessness. It works by helping you relax, so you can drift off to sleep naturally. Clinically tested and shown to be effective in actually promoting your body's own natural sleep pattern -- safely and gently. A unique formulation that combines the gentle natural, sleep promoting properties of: valerian root extract hops extract This combination of herbs has been used safely for centuries by millions of people in Europe. Key Points Clinically studied Eight published papers showing sleep-inducing properties Alluna is the leading herbal, natural sleeping aid Neutralizes the stimulating effect of caffeine Improves quality of sleep Reduces night awakenings No morning drowsiness Non habit-forming No interactions with alcohol Well known by consumers Patented extract

UPC: 763948032785

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