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Enzymatic Therapy Pearls Immune* 30 caps
PRICE: $9.88
Be Proactive with Your Immune Health! 70% of your immune system is in your digestive tract, so healthy digestion helps boost the body's defenses. For ultimate immune protection, you need the right probiotics to support your digestive tract's immune system, plus active lactoferrin, to strengthen your body's natural defenses. Only Pearls Immune has both, and gives you the biologically active power of Activ-Ferrin. Guaranteed Delivery! Stomach acid makes it difficult for unprotected probiotics and lactoferrin to maintain their immune-boosting benefits. With True Delivery Technology, Pearls Immune guarantees delivery to your intestines to promote a balanced system and ensure immune-enhancing benefits are preserved—to provide you with the best immune support available! Please refer to Activ-Ferrin chart on outer carton.

UPC: 763948044030

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