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Enzymatic Therapy SMART Q10 CoQ10 60 mg, Maple 30 chew tabs
PRICE: $11.86
Smart Q10 is recommended by Cardiologists and Neurologists for heart and brain health support.Smart Q10 is the FIRST shown to be absorbed in both your bloodstream AND cells. That's critically important because your brain and heart cells work day and night and rely on CoQ10's energy support.Experience the Pure Proven Power of Smart Q10!Pure!Up to 3 times more pure than other CoQ10 products.Features natural CoQ10 in a delicious, chewable form that delivers better, faster, more complete absorption in both your bloodstream and cells.Proven!The Vitaline brand of CoQ10 used in this product is the subject of more than 25 studies at prestigious organizations like Harvard Medical School and the Veterans Administration Health Care System, and clinical trials funded by grants from the National Institutes of Health.Power!Supports healthy cell rejuvenation, circulation and cellular energy.Restores the CoQ10 depleted by most cholesterol-lowering medications, including Zocor, Pravachol and Lipitor.**

UPC: 763948060030

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