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Enzymatic Therapy Whole Body Cleanse* with Drinkable Luscious Lemon Fiber Mix 2 weeks
PRICE: $14.83
SAFE, NATURAL, AND EFFECTIVE!Everything you need to cleanse in a convenient kit including a Luscious Lemon-flavored drinkable fiber mix!Supports detoxification for the whole body including the intestines, liver, gall bladder, circulatory and lymphatic systems.Contains:- A gentle, non-stimulant laxative with a soothing herbal blend to promote healthy and comfortable bowel cleansing.- Super Milk Thistle to help eliminate toxins and support liver function.- A delicious drinkable fiber blend for safe and effective cleansing.Why Should You Cleanse?We live in a toxic world. Toxins come from many sources, including:PolutionPesticides and fertilizersHormones used in raising livestockProcessed foodsThe Bad News: The vast amount of toxins in our environment create a real challenge for your body's built-in detoxification system.The Good News: You can rely on Whole Body Cleanse to rejuvenate, refortify and detoxify your body. Periodic cleansing supports digestive and liver health which can be beneficial for skin health and weight management.Experience Real Rejuvenation with Fiber! Why Fiber? Fiber's key role in Whole Body Cleanse is to absorb and eliminate toxins. Toxins bind to the fiber and are carried out of the body. Without fiber, toxins may be re-absorbed and you cannot thoroughly detoxify.Whole Body Cleanse has unique fiber that:Dissolves completely. Many fiber capsules do not dissolve, which limits their ability to absorb and remove toxins.Contains psyllium rather than flax for more thorough cleansing.

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