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EST - ANA-PRO Blend 2.2 lbs
PRICE: $39.95
ANA-PRO Blend is an exclusive protein blend with a clinically proven delivery system! The first and only of its kind, our Sustained Release Protein Blend consists of Whey Isolate, Solae Soy Protein Isolate, Whey Concentrate (rich in Alpha-Lactalbumin) and calcium caseinate. This precise blend of proteins contains very high levels of the critical amino acids, working synergistically during a six hour period fueling your muscles. This continuous flow keeps your body in an anabolic state for muscle building, preventing a catabolic waste. Taking an Anabolic State into more consideration; EST has fortified Ana-Pro Blend with our EXCLUSIVE Propadrol (6-17 dihydroxy- etiocholove -3-ol proponate). This fast acting Pro-Anabolic augmention increases nitrogen retention—thus opening an anabolic window for protein absorption & utilization (...some reports are showing up to a 100% increase!) ANA-PRO Blend highlights...

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