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Gaspari Nutrition - Glycofuse Unflavored Twist 60 servings
PRICE: $48.99
25g Pure branched cyclic dextrin
  • Accelerates performance and glycogen loading*
  • Rapid gastric clearance using OSM technology*
  • Loaded with electrolytes
  • Sugar and gluten free
  • Glycofuse is a rapid performance and recovery supercarb. When you are working out, what is the worst thing that can happen after you take a few sips of water or any other intraworkout drink? Cramps. Nothing can kill a workout faster than some rib thumping cramps. Because of this, intelligently formulated 'sports' drinks should have a verified osmolarity which is a key indicator of how fast it can clear the stomach, thus potentially avoiding cramps.

    The Gaspari Nutrition R&D Team is acutely aware of this which is why they developed Osm Technology. This 'new way' of looking at carbohydrate drinks utilizes a proprietary method of tuning the electrolytes in solution with pure cyclic dextrin to get an optimal osmolality (mOsm). Remember, lower osmolality = faster gastric clearance.

    When you sweat, your body loses potassium, magnesium, sodium, chloride, and calcium. They must be replaced to avoid cramping and losses in muscle performance because they are critical components in supporting nerve impulses and muscle contraction. Look at it this way, the more you sweat, the higher your potential need for increased hydration and electrolytes.*

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