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Green Foods Organic Chia 450 gm
PRICE: $14.29
• Chia seeds, treasured even more than gold by the Aztecs and Mayans, were used as a high energy endurance food because of their high amounts of protein and nutrients. 

• Chia Seeds are a superior source of many nutrients while their mild flavor and versatility makes them perfectly suited for modern day life.  Chia is easy to integrate into your diet, allowing you to enjoy the exceptional nutritive benefits that are packed in every tiny seed.

• 100% Certified USDA Organic = Superior Chia Seeds:  The fertile soil and ideal subtropical climate where our seeds are grown offer the best conditions for the growth of superior seeds and eliminate the need for herbicides, fungicides, or pesticides.

• Superior Source of Omega-3:  Today’s market offers four sources of Omega-3 fatty acids: fish oil, flaxseed, algae, and chia seeds.  Chia surpasses all of them.  Our organic certified chia seeds do not contain any harmful toxins, unlike fish oils and algae that may be contaminated with mercury.  Chia seeds do not have to be ground like flax and its many antioxidants within the seed protect the oils from going rancid.

• Organic Chia is available in a 450 gram bottle.

UPC: 083851206357

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