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Green Foods True Vitality Plant Protein Shake with DHA-Vanilla 25.2 oz
PRICE: $19.49
Vegetarian Proteins:  A balanced protein profile from pea, rice, hemp, barley, chlorella, and spriulina.  Unlike animal protein, vegetarian proteins are highly digestible and low in saturated fats.

Specially Formulated Enzymes:  The proteolytic enzyme blend is a specially formulated blend of five different types of enzymes designed to aid in the complete digestion of the vegetarian proteins.  The enzymes help to reduce the digestive load placed on the body from protein supplementation while providing the maximum nutrient availability for the recovery and rebuilding process.

DHA from Algal Oil:  The DHA (omega-3 fatty acid) found in True Vitality comes from algal oil.  DHA is recommended by the American Heart Association and the USDA Dietary Guidelines for good cardiovascular health, and it also supports the brain, eye, and nervous system development and functioning.

Digestive Health:  A blend of prebiotics and probiotics work together to maintain healthy flora throughout the digestive tract.  Prebiotic organic inulin assists the movement of food through the large intestine while helping to maintain healthy cholesterol and blood glucose levels.

8 Billion Active Probiotic Cells:  These 8 billion probiotic cells, the most of any product in the market, helps to maintain healthy and beneficial intestinal flora in the small intestine.  In addition, probiotic supplementation assists vitamin synthesis, enhances immunity, and promotes a healthy digestive tract.

True Vitality is a great tasting, easy to use nutritional shake designed for those with busy lives, people interested in weight loss, as well as athletes.  The powder dissolves easily in water, smoothies, almond milk, etc.

True Vitality Unflavored does not contain any flavor, and does not contain any xylitol or erythritol (natural sweeteners).

 True Vitality Unflavored is available as a powder (22.7oz).  Also available in Vanilla (25.2oz), box of serving size packets (7 packets @ 51g each), or individual 51g packets.  And Chocolate (25.2oz), box of serving size packets (7 packets @51g each), or individual 51g packets.

UPC: 083851207774

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