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Healthy Origins Epicor (Immune Balancer) 500mg 150 Capsules
PRICE: $64.99

EpiCorŪ is an all-natural, high-metabolite immunogen that nourishes the body's immune system to strengthen resistance and maintain wellness.* 

The immune system is more susceptible in the winter time and can be challenged year-round.  Allergies are a result of an over active immune system, while colds are an indication of a distressed immune system. Our immune system is consistently directed by stresses such as lack of sleep, fatigue, eating habits, pollution, travel, changing seasons and normal aging. These stresses can increase or decrease the immune system like a playground teeter-totter rises and falls. Studies suggest that EpiCor may help the immune system respond appropriately when being attacked. *

Manufactured through a proprietary, multi-stage fermentation and drying process, EpiCor delivers three times the antioxidant power of any known fruit.*

Just one EpiCorŪ capsule daily has been clinically shown to keep the immune system balanced and performing optimally. **  EpiCorŪ works within 2 hours to activate Natural Killer (NK) Cells, one of the body's first lines of immune defense.*

EpiCorŪ is a trademark of Embria Healthy Sciences, L.L.C.

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