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Jengimiel Cough Syrup for Children 4oz. TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE
PRICE: $8.39
Delicious syrup of sweet and much less spicy flavor that the Jengimiel for adults, prepared with pure extract of ginger, honey of good quality and Aloe extract. Jengimiel comes in bottle of glass color amber of 120ml / 4oz with the logo of our mark incrusted in the superior border and green cover of aluminum type pilfer to avoid that it is confused with the imitations that are gotten in some places.  

The boy's age to begin to take it varies according to the tolerance from the minor to the sweet flavors and the honey, we recommend to consult it with your pediatrician. 

Some mothers have begun to be given it to the 2 years of age and some other ones to the 3 years. However, you don't forget before to consult it with your doctor.

It is recommended to take it from 2 to 3 times per day (Teaspoom), to maintain the clean throat and to avoid the flus, exhaustion of the vocal chords and pain of throat. We recommend to take it after each food for the wonderful digestive properties that the ginger has. In case of flu, cough or throat pain, take advantage it is recommended to take it every 2 hours until the nuisance disappears.

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