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Freeman Formula Alkalize PH Amplifier 180 Vcaps
PRICE: $35.99

Have the keto flu from the keto diet? That feeling of weakness, irritability, nausea, and headaches?

Or maybe you’re not doing keto but feel fatigued, or want to detoxify.

Alkalize is keto-friendly and will assist your body in bringing the acid back into line, creating a PH balance needed to feel better.

It allows your body to replace leached minerals and work at the cellular and sub-cellular level, it creates the perfect foundation for a healthy body.

Alkalize helps in many ways. It helps fat release, mineral absorption, neutralizing damaging acids, and increasing health and vitality. But some of the biggest effects are fighting fatigue, helping detoxify, promoting bone health, and skin, hair, and nail wellness.

UPC: 733739494610

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