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King Bio Skin Tag Remover 0.5 oz
PRICE: $11.05
King Bio Skin Tag Remover - 0.5 oz. (15 mL)

King Bio Skin Tag Remover uses one, very effective, natural HPUS homeopathic ingredient in a 6X potency and in an oil base, to gently and effectively help the skin tag dry up and fall off. There is no pain, no bleeding, no redness and no scar. The brush applicator in the bottle makes the medicines easy to apply several times a day. Cost-effective, painless, easy-to-use, safe, gentle, and effective: Who could ask for a better solution?

  • Fast & Easy
  • Safe for all skin types
  • Skin tag dries & falls off
  • Homeopathic topical remedy
  • Safe for sensitive areas

About Skin Tags

A skin tag is a small flap of skin, usually flesh colored or slightly darker, connect by a stalk. Skin tags may occur at any age but are mrore common in those who are overweight or middle-aged. These growths, which may be caused by friction, may appear on the armpits, neck, chest, back, groin, or under the breasts. They usually cause no pain, but may become irritated and sensitive if they catch on clothing or jewlery. Although skin tags are not dangerous, amny people choose to have them removed or try to remove them at home. Some methods used include laser or cutting them off. These methods amy involve some pain such as stinging or burning, and may even leav a small scar.

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