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Labrada Nutrition - Xhilar 8 60 Caps TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE
PRICE: $25.99
Eliminate mood swings and emotional overeating! With its unique cutting-edge formula, Xhilar8 users in a completely new approach to weight and appetite control with mood support. Conventional fat burners and energy products contain large amounts of caffeine, yohimbe and other stimulants which can leave the user jittery and tired. This is commonly referred to as "the crash". With Xhilar8 the caffeine dose is lower and you avoid "the crash". Xhilar8 is the first "Thermotropic" weight loss supplement. (Thermotropic=Fat Burner + Nootropic) Xhilar8 combines powerful fat burners with nootropics, a class of "smart nutrients," which improve the functions of the brain, including mood.

UPC: 710779100060

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