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Liddell - Letting Go Anger Spray 1 oz
PRICE: $11.70
Anger Homeopathic Remedy for Anger Everyone has been angry and knows what anger is - and we feel it more often than we like to admit. Our anger can vary widely from mild irritation to intense fury, and can be sparked by a variety of things - specific people, events, memories, or personal problems. Anger is a natural emotion, but anger can get out of control and become destructive. It is important to develop healthy responses to the feelings of hurt and insult that cause anger. Some helpful ideas are to: * - Acknowledge that you are angry because you feel hurt. * - Follow the hurt back into its roots in the past - to those times and * circumstances when you felt the same way. * - Try to understand the link between the past and your current angry outbursts. * - Consider a non-toxic, non-habit-forming medication such as Anger to * temporarily ease angry feelings so you can better work through them. Our Anger spray, a homeopathic remedy, relieves symptoms of anger, which may include: * - Explosive outbursts * - Feelings of hostility * - Restlessness * - Irritability Don't forget about Liddell's Wellness Rewards with a free Liddell account, you automatically earn points toward free products with every purchase.

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