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Man Sports - Figure Fuel Tropical Breze 30/serv
PRICE: $32.49


Fat Mobilizer. Anti-fatigue. Fit & Lean Look. Figure Fuel is unique. Specifically formulated to benefit the hard-working, athletic female-there is no other product like figure fuel. Figure athletes realize that getting fit and lean means more than simply losing weight. A tight, toned, and fit look means losing the fat, while preserving precious, shapely lean tissue. Figure fuel will help you do just that. Figure fuel is the only product designed to: Protect your lean tissue while mobilizing stubborn fat from the “storage” areas on the hips, thighs, and butt. Convert body fat into high-powered energy to fuel increased physical activity. Delay the onset of physical fatigue to help you breeze through your toughest cardio, circuit or weight training sessions. Protect and preserve lean tissue, for that fit, lean look. With figure fuel, you can literally feel your body using fat for energy as you push though your cardio or exercise sessions. Figure fuel is perfect for pre-contest, lo-carb or other fat loss diets. Fuel your Fit and Lean with MAN Sport’s Figure Fuel!


As a dietary supplement, mix I serving with 6—8 oz. of water twice daily on training days and once daily on noon training days. Figure fuel is best used prior to and during exercise. During a more intense training regiment a d 3rd dose can be consumed on training days post workout. Combine figure fuel with Bodyoctane, Scorch, and Vaporize to help you achieve your Fit and Lean look. Remember, Strong is Sexy!


Allergen warning: was produced in a facility that processes milk, peanuts, soy, egg, and shellfish.


UPC: 898684000207

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