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MHP - Thyro Slim Am/Pm Ephedra Free
PRICE: $25.99
Thyro-Slim AM/PM is a major breakthrough in natural weight loss supplementation. Patented by the U.S. government (patent # 6,277,396), Thyro-Slim AM/PM addresses the metabolic functions which influence the storage of body fat and also helps increase the body's ability to burn off calories and reduce body fat.

The ingredients in Thyro-Slim's all natural formula are backed by strong scientific research. One of the thermogenic herbs in this formula, citrus aurantium, is considered by many in the scientific community to have the same fat burning properties of ephedra, without the harm that ephedra can cause! Thyro-Slim also contains adrenal compounds, which have shown to increase thermogenic fat burning even more! Thyro-Slim AM/PM is the ONLY weight loss product available with the patented combination of a thermogenic and adrenal compound!

UPC: 666222091006

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