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MRI - War-Berry Attack (Promo) 1.5 LB
PRICE: $42.24
Workout Anabolic Rrecovery™

Intra/Post Workout Formula For Serious Growth
  • New "Heat Shock" Recovery-Acceleration Technology*
  • Triggers Optimal Glycogen Restoration*
  • Proprietary "Muscle Perfect" Amino Acid Ratio Ignites Protein Synthesis*
  • Helps Force Positive Nitrogen Balance (PNB) for Growth*
  • Clinically Proven Crea-Charge Creatine: Faster Absorbed and up to 29% More Bioavailable*

FREE! BLACK POWDER sample + Training Guide inside!
The Scientific Breakthrough in Recovery!

WAR represents one of the biggest scientific breakthroughs in recovery - ever. Now you can help increase your body's adaptive response to training - in less time. Plus, WAR not only helps you gain more muscle from today's workout, it primes your body for tomorrow's training!

MRI's "Heat Shock Protein" Technology: MRI's revolutionary new technology targets Heat Shock Proteins (HSPs). HSPs accelerate both speed and efficiency of your body's adaptive response to training.*

Proprietary "Muscle Effect" Amino Profile: MRI's proprietary complex gives you the exact amino profile in human muscle tissue. Now you don't have to wonder if you're getting it from food or a combination of supplements. This "human ratio" of amino acids ignites, and accelerates, protein synthesis. In addition, MRI's new HSP Technology helps convert more aminos into bone fide muscle fiber! Now you can get more muscle per workout!*

Triggers Glycogen Storage: MRI's precise molecular weight "super carb" (waxy maize) helps rapidly trigger the process of glucogen storage. With super-saturated muscle glygogen stores, you increase the training potential of your next workout.*

Exclusive "Crea-Charge" Creatine:
* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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