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Myotropics - Physique 2.0 2.38 Lbs
PRICE: $45.00
As a serious physique athlete we know your primary goal is to improve body composition. And this improvement is best achieved with a commitment to nutrition that impacts how your body manages and stores energy; namely as lean muscle or bodyfat. We call this process “repartitioning” — and it provides scientific basis for Physique 2.0™.

With innovative MetaFx technology, Physique 2.0™ combines the unique nutritive and digestive properties of the intact and complete milk protein in the Amino-CD™ matrix with the fat-burning effects of the novel high-molecular weight resistant starch (RS4), the core of the ThermiCarb™ carbohydrate matrix.

Physique 2.0™is the first engineered food supplement that takes advantage of both, the natural, evolutionary-optimized properties of total milk proteins, and the latest results and technological advances from the realms of exercise and nutrition sciences.

All of this ensures that your hard work at the gym is adequately and properly rewarded.*

Key Features and Benefits Built Into Physique 2.0™

Amino-CDDelivers threshold levels of our exclusive MetaFx Amino-CD™ protein compound that maximizes whole-body protein economy, the basis for gaining and retaining the most muscle, while also shedding maximum bodyfat.*

ThermiCarbDelivers precise levels of our exclusive MetaFx ThermiCarb™; the world’s first dual action carbohydrate that increases resting energy expenditure and muscle glycogen storage, for fuller, harder muscles and increased fat burn.*

Vitamins and MineralsProvides the nutritional reinforcement of 26 Vitamins and Minerals plus exclusive protein bound bioactive minerals.*

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