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Natures Plus DreamQuest Adults Warm Milk Chewables 30
PRICE: $19.12
DreamQuest Nutraceuticals™ announces a dream come true for the millions of Americans who crave a calm moment at bedtime. Just as a comforting cup of warm milk helps children calm down at bedtime, new lactose-free Adult's Warm Milk™ Chewables restores the pleasure of bedtime for adults! Adult's Warm Milk Chewables are a non-habit-forming, natural way to de-stress and ease tensions at the end of a hard day. Envelop your senses with the creamy sensation of dreamy vanilla, while Adult's Warm Milk Chewables' effective nutrients deliver the calming nutrients you need for healthy, restful sleep.The secret to Adult's Warm Milk Chewables is 200 mg of Lactium®, the soothing milk peptides (small proteins) responsible for the calming properties of warm milk. This delightfully soothing formula also provides 300 mg of Calci-Quell calcium complex and the world's most effective sleep-supporting herbs, including chamomile, hops and cinnamon. Adult's Warm Milk Chewables features include:
  • 200 mg of Lactium®
  • 300 mg of Calci-Quell and reassuring, time-honored herbs
  • Delicious, dreamy vanilla flavor in a convenient, comfortable chewable
  • Soothing natural comfort
  • Sugar-free
  • Non-habit-forming
  • Free from lactose, GMO, human-variant BSE and rBGH (recombinant bovine growth hormone)
The ability to relax at the end of a hard day is vital for health and wellness. In fact, experts advise that daily soothing relaxation not only facilitates good sleep, but also helps to combat stress, improve weight control, and promotes a better and more balanced mood. Adult's Warm Milk Chewables, only from DreamQuest Nutraceuticals, is the ultimate in nutritional support for healthy sleep function. Everyone deserves a good night's sleep.

UPC: 879610000546

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