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Nature's Plus Quick Body Lean Diet 90 Vegetarian Capsules
PRICE: $23.76
There is no greater motivator than that first exhilarating rush when you see you've dropped several pounds. The more you lose, the better you look and feel. You picture yourself in slimmer clothes or in a bathing suit on the beach, reveling in the vibrant, youthful energy of having a leaner and healthier body! Featuring raspberry ketones, Coleus forskohlii and SynaptaLean‚, Quick Body Lean captures that amazing feeling in a bottle, priming both body and mind for greater weight management success than you ever dreamed possible! Nature's Plus Quick Body Lean is an entirely new mind-body approach to nutritional weight management. This carefully calibrated formulation combines today's greatest fat loss nutrients to attack those stubborn pounds from no less than 10 different angles, including:
  • Fat-burning raspberry ketones
  • Lean body mass promoting Coleus forskohlii
  • InnuGuard‚ chicory inulin fiber
  • Metabolism optimizing green tea extract
  • Blood sugar controlling chromium
  • Fat cell curbing trans-resveratrol
  • Willpower strengthening SynaptaLean
Nature's Plus Quick Body Lean is an exciting nutritional breakthrough because it addresses multiple complex factors - delivering total mind-body support for weight management! It's the first-ever raspberry ketone and Coleus forskohlii supplement to harmonize the biological activities of body and mind to one common goal: Achieving the sleek, toned body of your dreams!


Quick Body Lean‚'s body-targeted nutritional ingredients promote healthy weight management by optimizing metabolism and favoring lean body mass over body fat. Key nutrients support healthy blood sugar, inhibit fats and carbs and spark fat-burning energy.


With revolutionary SynaptaLean‚, Quick Body Lean unlocks the power of the mind - optimizing willpower, self-control, appetite control, strong resolve and more. It's a nutritional path to the positive, can-do attitude that is the real secret behind every fat loss success story! For an even greater nutritional motivation boost, try taking Quick Body Lean together with SynaptaLean‚ Rx-Fat Loss‚!Designed to kick-start your healthy weight management program, Quick Body Lean is a never-before-seen fusion of healthful nutrients that promote the fit, lean appearance you deserve. When Nature's Plus Quick Body Lean gets your body and brain working in sync, you'll see faster results than you ever imagined possible!

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