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Patch-it! for Beauty Within 20 pieces
PRICE: $19.99
Beauty designed by nature. Patch-It is the original and only patch that includes the essence extracted from Mandarin trees grown on a fertile island covered with volcanic soil. The unique species of Mandarin fruit bear the shape of a now dormant volcano, auspicious symbol of this blessed land. Every year from this pristine soil, this natural bounty is harvested, trimmed, distilled and then carefully aged like wine till ready. It's a long and slow process. It requires understanding of this natural resource and technical skills to ensure that this traditional essence created produces the true Patch-It quality. Modern science and technology make it possible for Patch-it to hold true to the long-treasured tradition from the Far East. Patch-It has been blended with care and is now conveniently packed for your daily use so that you may share the beautifying benefits of a 'Spa-in-a-Patch'.

Patch-it is an experience of its own. Patch-It is unique, different from all that you might have experienced before. You'll be wanting to use these again and again. Feel it for yourself. With Patch-It, you'll wake up in the morning and walk with a spring in your step! Love yourself. Give your body the best. Patch-it!

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