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Pro Tan Muscle Sheen Posing Gel 3 oz(TEMP UNAVAILABLE)
PRICE: $9.10

Buff your muscular appearance with a smooth sleek sheen that will blow your competition away. Muscle Sheen¨, used by World Class Bodybuilders, contains the finest ingredients. This professional product highlights and enhances your muscularity, and total hardness. This product is a bodybuilding staple!

                                                                        Product Directions                                                                                  

Place a small amount in your palm then massage a thin layer over entire body. Be careful as to not get any on your costume or posing suit. Reapply for added sheen

Helpful Tips

  • Apply Muscle Sheen¨ before pumping up to seal in your bronzer.
  • Recommended for the pre-judging portion of your show since the judges prefer it's satin sheen.

Product Highlights

  • Used by top level Bodybuilders
  • Perfect Satin sheen
  • Easy to use
  • A little goes a long way
  • Won't feel wet or greasy
  • Makes your physique look amazing.
  • UPC: 732907101145

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