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Quality of Life KINOKO AHCC 250 MG 60 CAP
PRICE: $29.90
Kinoko Helps to eliminate countless types of irritants, germs, pollutants, free radicals and other health compromising substances.

The Number 1 Selling Immune Support Dietary Supplement from Japan.Physicians in Japan have recommended AHCC to help maintain normal immune function and response since 1987, and AHCC has been shown to be effective for many in numerous clinical studies. Kinoko AHCC - The Perfect Partner For A Healthy Immune System. Why do some people seem perpetually healthy, while others are prone to illness? Why are more and more people diagnosed with serious maladies? The answer to these health questions lies in part with your immune system.

AHCC is the perfect partner for a healthy immune system. Every day we are exposed to countless types of irritants, germs a pollutants and free radicals and other health compromising substances. Thankfully, our immune system efficiently and immediately repels the greater majority of these irritants. Unfortunately, the constant onslaught can tax and weaken the immune response, which affects our overall health and well being.
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