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Renew Life Norwegian Gold Prenatal DHA 45 orange-flavored softgels
PRICE: $25.49
Norwegian Gold Prenatal DHA provides the recommended daily amount of DHA
needed to support a healthy pregnancy and infant development.* This small, easy-to-swallow
softgel is also enteric coated and contains added lipase to enhance digestion and reduce
burping. Added vitamin D3 supports immune function, plus added ginger supports
healthy digestion.*

The Best Nutrition For Mom and Baby
Every mom to be wants to give her baby the healthiest start. That means eating right and
getting the right amounts of key nutrients. One essential nutrient during pregnancy is the
Omega-3 fatty acid DHA. Research confirms that DHA is important to the neurological
and early visual development of a growing baby and may help with postpartum health as well.

A growing baby will rely on the motherís dietary supply of DHA as fuel for proper growth
and development. Though Omega-3 fats such as DHA can be found in cold water fish, very
few women consume enough fish in their diets and may also be concerned about mercury
and other toxins in fish, especially during pregnancy. Purified fish oil supplements are a
great way to get Omega-3 DHA that does not contain higher amounts of toxins as can be
found in whole fish.

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