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Renew Life Norwegian Gold Every Omega 30 fish gels
PRICE: $25.49

Full-spectrum Omega Support for Optimal Digestion & Overall Healthà

  • 1,000mg Total Omegas per Fish Gel
  • ULTRA-concentrated; Over 80% Total Omegas
  • Enteric-coated for 3X More Omega Absorption
  • Enhanced with 1,000 IU Vitamin D_
  • With Lipase for Less Burping
  • Top 5-Star Purity Rating by IFOS
  • One-per-Day Convenience
  • Natural Orange Flavor & Fish Gelatin Softgels

Norwegian Gold Every Omega 3¥5¥6¥7¥9 combines the proven total-body benefits of supercritical and cold-pressed fish and plant oils to promote optimal digestion and overall well being.à

  • OMEGA-3 from Fish & Chia Oils Essential Omega-3s EPA, DHA and ALA provide powerful support for the heart, brain and eyes, as well as beneficial properties to help with joint discomfort and swelling.à
  • OMEGA-5 from Pomegranate & Fish Oils Vital Omega-5 plays a significant role in weight-related cardiovascular health and blood sugar balance. Potent phytonutrients may help ease symptoms of menopause including hot flashes and mood swings.à
  • OMEGA-6 from Borage & Fish Oils Known for hair and skin health benefits, Omega-6 has also been linked to improved mood and a healthy hormone balance. Its anti-inflammatory properties may help ease discomfort and occasional bloating.à
  • OMEGA-7 from Sea Buckthorn & Fish Oils Studies tie Omega-7 to healthy weight loss and bowel regularity. Omega-7Õs antioxidant and anti-aging properties nourish healthy cells, especially in the digestive tract.à
  • OMEGA-9 from Borage & Fish Oils Research links Omega-9 with a healthy cardiovascular system and cholesterol level. Omega-9 supports improved immune function and healthy blood sugar.à

Norwegian Gold Oils are Guaranteed Safe for You and Your Family

As many have learned recently from leading news sources, environmental advocates in California filed a lawsuit on March 3rd in San Francisco Superior Court against Omega-3 supplement manufacturers following the release of test results showing that several products tested did not meet California PCB and Dioxin standards. ReNew Life is proud to confirm that the quality measures we implemented three years ago to test EVERY batch of our Norwegian Gold Ultimate Fish Oils guarantee the utmost safety and purity of our fish oil supplements. Each batch is third-party tested to International Fish Oil Standards (IFOS) to ensure the absence of any contaminants, including PCBs, dl-PCBs, dioxins, furans, peroxides, aldehydes, lead and mercury. This allows us to guarantee the safety and efficacy of every bottle and to assure our customers that the end result is only pure, uncontaminated fish oil supplementsÑno exceptions.

UPC: 631257155566

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