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Renew Life Rapid Yeast Relief 2-part kit
PRICE: $21.24

7-Day Dual-Action Vaginal Yeast Program

  • Potent Enzymes & 20 Billion Probiotic Cultures
  • Helps Balance Vaginal & Urinary Tract Floraą
  • Helps Break Down Harmful Yeast Cell Wallsą
  • Promotes Overall Urinary Tract Healthą
  • Helps Regulate Vaginal pH Levelsą
  • Supports Natural Defensesą
  • Enteric-GUARDŖ Targeted Delivery
  • No fillers or binders

Help Renew Your Feminine Balance

Women experience yeast and urinary tract issues more often than men, in part due to frequent disruptions in vaginal flora. When natural defenses are weakened due to poor diet, too much sugar, stress, illness, or medication use, harmful microorganisms such as Candida may thrive and contribute to health concerns. When this happens, normally harmless vaginal flora can grow out of control and disrupt the pH balance. Rapid Yeast Relief is formulated exclusively for women to maintain a healthy vaginal flora balance and help with urogenital tract health.ą

Powerful Dual-Action Support

Rapid Yeast Relief is a unique dual-action formula to promote optimal vaginal and urinary tract health.ą 

Part 1: Contains potent enzymes clinically proven to:

  • Help the body break down Candida cell wallsą 
  • Reduce development of protective biofilms by harmful microfloraą
  • Aid in disruption of bonds Candida can use to adhere to vaginal wallą

Part 2: Contains 20 billion active probiotic cultures known to:

  • Replenish good bacteria in the urogenital tractą
  • Promote a healthy vaginal flora balanceą
  • Support overall urinary tract healthą
  • Help regulate vaginal pHą
  • UPC: 631257156044

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