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Sunny Green - Wild Lettuce Liquid Extract 1 oz
PRICE: $10.59

Sunny Green wild Lettuce is an ethically wildcrafted botanical. it may provide nutritive support for normal healthy rest and comfort.

As medicine, Wild Lettuce has anodyne, anti-spasmodic, hypnotic, and nervine properties. It is often used to treat insomnia, excitability and restlessness. Wild Lettuce could also be used as medicine to whooping cough and dry cough.

Other uses of the Wild Lettuce are as an anaphrodisiac, relief from the pain of rheumatism, colic, and dysmennorhea. The Wild Lettuce was also discovered to treat illnesses on the reproductive system, like nymphomania in women, the excessive sex drive, and swollen genitals in men.

The seed oil of the Wild Lettuce is also used to harden the arteries of the heart and the latex from the stems could be applied directly to the skin to kill germs. Some people also inhale the vapour of Wild Lettuce to obtain the high or hallucinogenic effect for recreational purposes.

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