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For over 32 years, Simplers Botanicals has been a leading source of therapeutic quality, certified organic essential oils and herbal extracts. Our exceptional line of products reflects our inherent passion for quality, purity and integrity. With over 100 essential oils, therapeutic perfumes, hydrosols, infused and carrier oils, topical blends and facial treatments, Simplers Botanicals brings the marketplace authentic products with unparalleled aromatic potency.

Our experienced staff herbalists source organic essential oils direct from artisan distillers all over the world to ensure they are genuine, species specific, expertly distilled and 100% pure. We offer certified organic essential oils whenever an organic option is available, and occasionally when necessary,  we opt for ethically wildcrafted, non-organic oils of the highest therapeutic potency.

We enjoy supporting organic farms in France, Germany, Egypt, Nepal, Madagascar, Albania, Sri Lanka, Morocco, Indonesia, Guatemala, El Salvador, Argentina, Croatia, Australia, Canada and the United States.

Simplers Botanicals - Atomizing Oil Diffuser
PRICE: $76.49
Simplers Botanicals - Copaiba Copal 5ml
PRICE: $9.49
Simplers Botanicals - Frankincense Hydrosol 80 ml Spray
PRICE: $14.99
Simplers Botanicals - Magnesium Bar Soap 4.3 oz
PRICE: $5.89
Simplers Botanicals - Magnesium Body Wash 16 oz
PRICE: $11.49
Simplers Botanicals - Manuka Essential Oil 5 ml
PRICE: $15.59
Simplers Botanicals - Ultrasonic Mist Oil Diffuser
PRICE: $43.49
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